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Sapsuk River
Sapsuk River
Sapsuk River
Sapsuk River
Sapsuk River


  • Fresh Water
  • Season

    June - mid July for Kings, August to mid September for Silvers and mid September through October for Steelhead
  • The rate for 2022 $6260 and includes the RT charter from Anchorage.
  • Number of guests

    4 - 6 per week
  • Species:
    • King Salmon
    • Silver Salmon
    • Steelhead

Sapsuk River

United States >> Alaska >> Aleutian Peninsula
Fishing and Species
The fishing is focused on the King Salmon, June to mid July and for Silver Salmon (Coho) early August to mid September. This is followed be Steelhead for 4 anglers from mid September to the end of October. All fishing is done by wading.
Alaska, Aleutian Adevntures

Over 550 miles from Anchorage on the Aleutian Peninsula is a true wilderness lodge on the Sapsuk (aka Hoodoo) River. There is a prolific run of Kings,Silver Salmon and Steelhead. These unpressured fish eat the fly. This is fishing that other locations and lodges wish they had but no longer do. There are some rainbows and char if you want a change of pace. If you have not been to the Aleutian Peninsula you should go, it is very special. Fishing is accessed by jet boat but all done by wading. This is an intimate camp for 6 anglers. The camp is quite comfortable with spacious Weatherport tents with heaters and a large dining/kitchen tent. This is all on an extensive wooden deck, with a panoramic view of the valley.